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Campfire Cooking: Recap

Posted on Jul 27, 2012 by in Travel, Tutorials | 0 comments


It’s finally Friday – yay! The fam and I are headed on a camping trip tomorrow and I’m super excited to try out some new recipes and techniques for you guys. I’ve been testing a few things over the last couple of weekends and I think by the time I get home I’ll have some solid new recipes for you all to try – just in time for some cool-weather Autumn camping.

Until I’ve got some of those recipes perfected for you, I wanted to do a recap of my campfire cooking posts up until now so that you can have everything you need to get out there and practice your camp cooking skills this weekend. Since I’ll be out of town (and mostly disconnected) for a little while, I may not be posting as usual next week, but I’ll do my best to perhaps do some restaurant roundups while I’m gone.

Campfire Cooking Recap

Get Outside! Campfire Cooking – contains a recipe for tofu scramble and black bean soup.

Campfire Cooking Equipment – has a complete list of things you’ll need to start your campfire cooking experiments.

How to Use the Heat of a Campfire – gives you a rundown of how best to use the heat source from the campfire most effectively.

The Pantry – this post gives you a list of essential kitchen ┬áitems you’ll need for your camping trip.

Cleanup – an in depth post about some of the best ways to cleanup your dishes and cooking utensils at the campsite.

The Grocery List – a list of items you’ll want to buy just before you head out for camp!

Roasting Corn – this tutorial will show you how to roast corn over the campfire.

Breakfast Recipes – some great ideas and recipes for making breakfast over the fire.

I hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully you can get out and enjoy the weather and wildlife on a camping trip – even if it’s only to your backyard!

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