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Compassionate Living

This page is intended to be a resource for anyone interested in vegetariansim, veganism, or nutrition. I write posts on the blog about the issues I am most passionate about, however, those pieces are usually based solely on my opinion. These resources have valuable facts and information for those who want to reinforce their current beliefs or just want to learn more about the issues that are important to the vegan community.

As new resources come available I will post them here. If there are resources you’d like me to add feel free to contact me.

While the issues are numerous, these are a few that I am most passionate about:

Factory Farming

DoSomething.Org – Brief introduction into the major concerns surrounding factory farming. – Facts about food safety as it relates to factory farms.

Eating Animals – This books is one of the best resources I’ve read on factory farming and how it affects our eating habits and health.


Pet Adoption

ASPCA – One of the leading organizations in the fight against animal cruelty. Tons of great information on why you should adopt and what the expect.

PETA – They have a wide variety of information on compassionate living issues including why we should adopt instead of buy pets as well as information on how to care for our pets.



Obesity in America – They have a vast amount of information on the obesity epidemic including information on understanding obesity and how to fight it.

Dr. Andrew Weil – Dr. Weil’s approach to nutrition is based on a combination of common sense and natural healing. His website has a ton of great information and his book are also worth the read.

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