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How to host an epic vegan party

Posted on Jun 23, 2016 by in All Posts | 2 comments

From time to time, it is good to get in a festive mood with people you care about. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the happiness in the air at parties is always a good reason to host one when you can. As a vegan, however, hosting a party is a bit tricky. This because you need to ensure that everything about your party (from games to food most especially) appeals to your guests.  This piece takes a look at viable tips you can work with.

Vegan Party Foods

Fine tune the details

Even the most impromptu parties require some planning so you need to work out the kinks for your party. Is the party to be hosted at your home? You will most likely be in charge of everything. To ensure you don’t run yourself ragged, get some of your friends to help you with preparations. The key point during this planning stage is to find out how many people are coming. This will allow you to work out the right amount of food and drinks to have.

You equally need to decide if you want a formal sit-down dinner or a more casual buffet where finger foods and snacks will be devoured.  Since you are keeping the party vegan, you need to ensure your guests know what to expect. This will also ensure they only bring plant-based food if they want to help out.  Speaking of food, you need to know that most of your guests won’t sit down at a place during the party. You should therefore focus on getting a healthy selection of vegan finger foods into the mix.  Options like green bean fries, potato bruschetta, garlic tomato bruschetta, vegan stuffed mushrooms etc. won’t go amiss.

Ensure a party mood

It is one thing having drinks and food; it is another thing to ensure a festive mood. If your guests don’t have a good time, you haven’t done a good job with your party. Don’t go preaching and trying to convert your non-vegan friends. Ensure lots of games, jokes and all round fun for everyone involved. Consider a little different party activity. You don’t need any cards as there are lots of casinos sites that offer different variations of the game.  Cards against humanity could be a good game as well as long as you are sure your guests won’t frown at them.

Drinks and beverages

Drinks and beverages aren’t treated with the same level of importance in comparison to food, but you should do so. You need to ensure there are enough drinks to cater for all categories of guests. This means having both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. You don’t have to empty the bank on your bar either. Count three glasses for each guest and get a signature cocktail and you are good to go.  One important point to note, though: not all wines and beers are vegan.

Parties should be fun and special as they are not an everyday occurrence. These tips should help you host a memorable one even as a vegan.

  • Great tips! It can be a little stressful hosting a party for non-vegans and hoping that they will enjoy the food. That’s a good idea to serve things like bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms that will be familiar to anyone.

    (Oh, and in the sentence, “Even the most impromptu parties require some planning so you need to work out…” I think you meant to write “kinks.” The word that is there right now is a racial slur.)

    • Ashley

      I fixed that sentence – thanks for pointing it out!

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