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Nasoya Vegan Mayo Review

Posted on Jun 11, 2013 by in Recipes and Reviews | 2 comments

Nasoya Vegan Mayo

One of the (many) great things about Vida Vegan Con┬áis that we were able to try loads of new products from trusted vegan brands. One of those great products we were able to sample was the new whipped mayo from Nasoya. Along with their whipped Nayonaise, they also updated their classic Nayonaise to be creamier than the original. I was able to taste-test these spreads on some vegan sandwiches piled high with delicious veggies at the Vida Vegan sandwich bar – and tasty it was!

I love this dressing for a lot of reasons, but namely that it’s not crammed with oil like many of the other commercial vegan mayos. So, when Nasoya reached out to see if I’d like to write a review about their products, I was more than happy to do so.

Let me tell you, I gave this mayo a serious workout. From dips (such as my creamy peanut dip), to a chickpea salad, I used this mayo in just about every way I could think of (except for in a sweet dish, but if I try that I’ll update you).

Nasoya Vegan Mayo

It held up to everything I threw at it, as it blended very well with other ingredients and was a lot stiffer than many other vegan mayos, including my homemade version. The texture was a little off-putting right out of the jar, since it’s a bit gooey, but once you give it a quick stir it’s creamy and tasty – no texture issues at all.

Also, this mayo is slightly cheaper than others on the market – coming in around $5 a jar vs. prices I’ve seen up to $9. All around I thought both the whipped and classic versions were tasty, and even though I was never a Miracle Whip fan (the whipped version is supposed to be similar), I even enjoyed the whipped in all of the same dishes as the classic.


Do you have a favorite vegan mayo?


  • It seems I’m totally in the minority on this updated mayo from Nasoya. Everyone I’ve read online has liked it. However, they sent me a couple of jars for review too, and the gum in it really bothered me. Like you said, the texture is gooey at first. To me it seemed gel like, kind of like jell-o. Once I got it on things the flavor was fine, but I noticed that my chickpea salad didn’t have the same lightness and whippiness as usual. So for me, I’ll stick with Vegenaise for a store brand or Fat Free Vegan’s silken tofu/cashew mayo for a homemade version.

    • I definitely hear you on the initial texture – I found that when I stirred it well that it smoothed out nicely. That’s interesting about your chickpea salad….I didn’t have the same issue, but my homemade version is likely different than yours so it was less of a difference for me.

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