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Product Review: What I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Posted on May 21, 2013 by in Recipes and Reviews | 2 comments

Beanitos Pinto Bean Chips

Firstly, I hope this post finds you all safe and healthy – quite the wicked Spring weather we’ve been having in the Midwest this week! My sister and other family members live in the Moore area and were thankfully spared (as were their homes), but many people were not so fortunate. Please make a donation to the Red Cross if you can.

Second, this post won’t be too long today, but I wanted to do a quick review of a couple of things I’ve been enjoying lately: Sun Warrior vegan protein powder and Beanitos Pinto Bean chips. I wouldn’t recommend enjoying these two things together, but they are quite tasty on their own!

First up, the Sun Warrior protein powder. I want to first give a shout out to the awesome gentleman at Vitamin World who helped me out in choosing this one. He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of supplements and had actually tried 75% of the vegan protein powders they had available (which was actually very extensive – I was shocked). He treated me like an actual athlete, unlike the proper tool at one of the local sporting goods stores did the other day when I was looking for wrists wraps for CrossFit (he’s lucky I strive for compassion in all aspects of my life – I’ll leave it at that).

Sunwarrior Protein

Anyway, he recommended the Sun Warrior blend because it was less expensive than the straight up pea protein and the taste was one of the best he’d had. So, I took him up on his recommendation and got some of the rich chocolate blend. I have to say that the taste was quite good (for a protein powder) and I was impressed that it had 15g of protein for only 85 calories and 1.4g of sugar. The one I currently use has 22g, 135 calories, and 6g of sugar, so I plan on doubling it to two scoops and I will have 30g of protein for barely more calories and still less sugar – double win!

Oh, I nearly forgot – the price on this is great, too. I paid $26 for 25 servings, which is comparable to the Life’s Basics I currently use.

The next thing that I’ve been loving lately are Beanitos Pinto Bean chips with Sea Salt. Not only do these guys satisfy my need for crunch, but they are dang tasty! I love their neutral flavor because you can eat them alone or with any number of dips you like (I love them with guacamole and/or hummus).

Beanitos Pinto Bean Chips

Not only are they delicious, but they are pretty good for you as well – as far as chips go, at least. They have 4g of protein per serving and only 15g of carbs, which is a decent trade off (about the same as a slice of Ezekiel sprouted bread). These aren’t all that expensive ($3.29/bag) and they make a nice snack for after work or school.

That’s all I have for today! I have a new recipe coming to you on Thursday for the return of my Campfire Cooking series, and I will be off to Portland for Vida Vegan Con! I’ll do some social updates from the conference, but I won’t plan on doing a wrap-up here unless people are interested.


Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I’ll be back at ya next Tuesday!

  • Glad you found someone you could trust about the protein powders. I go through phases with different brands. SunWarrior definitely has the best tasting chocolate, imho. I figure it is good to try them all out eventually and see what you like best (because while everyone loves Vega, I don’t like its flavours (the Sport Chocolate is my favourite but the sodium is high)… and SunWarrior Vanilla is WAY TOO SWEET for me). Although recently I have been trying to reduce my stevia intake and loving Hemp Pro 70. It is much more creamy than any other powders I’ve tried (it is also soluble unlike the other hemp protein powders).

    • I’ve tried a ton, too. I’m not a huge fan of Vega’s flavors either. I’ll have to try out the Hemp Pro – sounds interesting!

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