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Sunday Funday 2/17

Posted on Feb 17, 2013 by in Sunday Funday | 0 comments

Is Spring here yet? Seriously – I’m over the sub-zero temps and ice/snow. We haven’t really had enough snow here to go snowshoeing all that much and so the cold and ice have been more of an inconvenience than anything this Winter. Is it starting to warm up where you live yet? If it is, please leave comments about how beautiful it is there – I need to live vicariously through someone 🙂

Enough complaining about the weather – on to the fun stuff for today. Here are some amazing vegan recipes I came across this week on the interwebs:

Fried ‘Goat Cheese’ Salad – Though I won’t be eating anything fried for the the next 8 weeks, I will stare at this ridiculously good-looking salad until then.

Spreadable Herb Cheeze – I can actually eat this herb cashew cheese and you can bet that I will definitely be doing so very soon. This creamy and fresh spread would be delicious on just about anything including raw veggies or flax crackers.

Avocado Gnocchi – This is an incredibly unique and delicious-looking grain-free dish! This is such an inventive way to use avocados and would make for a very filling dinner.]

Savory Chickpea Cakes – This is a little spin on the pakora and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one! This would be absolutely fantastic served alongside some Chana Dal.

Raw Banana Walnut Bread – I honestly can’t wait to eat this. It is something I can eat during the Whole Life Challenge (modified only slightly) and it would satisfy any sweet craving I may have – yum!

Other Fun/Interesting Stuff:

A colleague and friend of mine is raising money to fund a speaking tour that will help empower women to harness their inner “crazy bitch”. Take a minute and check it out – funds are going to a great cause.

In the world of vegan activism, here is an article about how cheese actually harms more cows than milk. A very interesting read that will only take you 10-15 minutes or so.

Have you heard/seen this “Harlem Shake” craze? My office decided to get in on the fun (I’m in the back standing on a desk in an alien mask).


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ll have a few new recipes that I’m super excited to share with all of you and I’ll have a fun post for you on Friday as well!

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